She Writes Copy: online copywriting training

She Writes Copy: online copywriting training

You’re unhappy with your current compromise between work and family. You want to work from home and dictate your own hours.

You think copywriting could be the answer.

… I think so too.

Your life as a copywriting mum

I’ve been working as a copywriter for the last ten years. I work from home when my two kids are at school and, if I need to, I do extra in the evenings when they’re in bed or on a Saturday morning when I’ve got help with child care.

I don’t have to do the rush hour, wishing myself at home with my family while stuck in a traffic jam. I don’t have to stress when one of my kids is off sick, I can just shuffle my working hours around and concentrate on my little one.

I get to do the school run every day, I can host the playdates my kids want to have, turn up to every sports day, nativity play, school fete, whatever, without having to ask anyone else’s permission. I can just about do it all.


… and I’d love to help you get there.

She Writes Copy – Online Copywriting Course

She Writes Copy is an online copywriting course that will train you for a career as a freelance copywriter. It includes weekly lessons and regular practical tasks to build up your writing skills. You’ll learn on the job and build up your portfolio writing real copy for real businesses.

I’ll support you all the way with individual feedback on your writing, regular group calls and dedicated email support hours. Plus you’ll have lifelong access to our members-only Facebook group, where we can share ideas, resources and work opportunities.

What happens on the course?

Every Monday for 18 weeks you’ll get an email from me teaching you a different copywriting skill through practical tasks that get you writing straight away.

Here’s the curriculum:

PART ONE: Warming up (4 weeks)

  • What copywriting is (and what it isn’t)
  • Writing for online
  • Having fun with voice and style
  • Writing for clients and following a brief

PART TWO: Playing with words (5 weeks)

  • The power of language
  • Reeling them in – hooks and headlines
  • Writing scannable content
  • Research dos and don’ts
  • Keywords and SEO
  • Images – research, copyright, formatting 101

PART THREE: Writing for your first clients (7 weeks)

  • Feedback mindset and editing your work
  • Productivity and breaking through writer’s block
  • Writing sales copy
  • Writing for social media
  • Writing email and newsletters
  • Writing press releases
  • 3 pieces of real client copy to write
  • Individual feedback and support for each piece of client copy written

PART FOUR: Starting your copywriting business (2 weeks)

  • Getting your portfolio together
  • Marketing yourself
  • Where and how to find copywriting work
  • Roundup and final questions

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She Writes Copy Summer 2019

Written for busy mums

I’m a busy mum. I know how crazy and unpredictable family life can be, so I’ve made this course achievable and enjoyable, as well as effective, breaking the learning down into manageable chunks.

We’ll start at a gentle pace and gather momentum as I teach you my tricks for working smart with the time you’ve got.

I’ve also scheduled a little catch-up time in there to allow for poorly-kid weeks, child-care emergencies and school holidays.

What’s included?

  • Practical tasks sent to you every Monday for 18 weeks
  • Clear, effective exercises that will get you writing quickly
  • 3 pieces of real client copy to write
  • Help with setting up your portfolio
  • 6 group calls scheduled to fit around your family – daytime or evening, we’ll decide together
  • Dedicated weekly email hours where you can ask me anything
  • Personalised feedback on four pieces of your writing
  • Lifetime access to our members-only Facebook community
  • Resources and guidance on launching your freelance career

This course is for you if:

  • You know you can write and want to build a career around copywriting
  • You’re busy and need a course that’s going to fit around your work and family life.
  • You want the support of like-minded peers and regular check ins with me
  • You know personalised and in-depth feedback on your written work will help you grow as a writer and race up the learning curve
  • You want the opportunity to write for real clients right now.
  • You want to build up your copywriting portfolio so you can hit the ground running at the end of the course.

How much does the course cost?

The course costs £970

(or 4 monthly installments of £255)

When does it start?

The next session of She Writes Copy starts in Summer 2019.

How do I sign up?

Get on the email list for She Writes Copy Summer 2019


Will you teach me English?
No. Although we’ll be looking at best practices around writing English copy, this course won’t teach you the basics of writing in the English language. It’s assumed that you have an excellent command of the English language before you start this course.

Do I have to be a mum/a woman/identify as female to do the course?
No, not at all. I have written the course with the needs of busy mums in mind, but the course is open to all.

What’s the workload like?
In the early weeks, expect tasks to take an hour or two per week. We’ll gradually build up to writing one piece of copy per week towards the end of the course. But don’t worry, I’ve scheduled a few catchup weeks in there to allow for times when poorly kids or school holidays mean you need a little extra time. Plus I’ll give you all the support you need to write productively and use your time efficiently. The aim is to get you writing great copy quickly by the end of the course – it’s how you’ll make this career work best for you.

Can you guarantee me a job at the end of the course?
I wish I could, but I can do the next best thing – which is to teach you all the skills I’ve learned over the last ten years as a copywriter, give you the opportunity to write real copy for three real businesses and help you set up your portfolio so you’ll be up and running at the end of the course.

Which businesses will I be writing for?
You’ll be writing for small businesses that need help refining their online copy. You’ll get the opportunity to write for companies across a range of sectors, e.g. creatives, food and drink, retail. I want you to get a broad experience and have that diversity in your portfolio.

Can trainees write copy for my small business?
If you’ve got a small business and are interested in having trainess write for you, please get in touch via: suzydarke [at] – I’d love to work with you.