Hey there! My name is Suze. Welcome to my blog.

I’m a mama, writer, and swimmer living in beautiful North Cornwall with my husband and two kids (boy aged 5, girl aged 4).

Writing is my profession and I’ve spent years writing and reading other people’s blogs. Now that our family life is is starting to reach a more regular pace (school, sleep, and behaviour-wise) – hopefully I haven’t jinxed it – I feel inspired to start a wee blog of my own.

About the blog

If you’re wondering why it’s called Under the green fig tree, this page will tell you all you need to know.

I’ll be writing about things I find funny, things that make me mad, things that make me think about life differently.

Family life – here you’ll find posts about, well, family life. Parenting, kids, trying to do it all now that I have two (make that three) other human beings to keep alive, fed, clean, and healthy.

Home and garden – yeah, this bit is definitely a ‘work in progress’. We have a lovely home but are about to move to a 70s doer-upper. Expect lots of before & after posts in the future.

Catching figs – this section is about trying to do it all. It’s about the female condition in our culture at this time; or my experience of it, at least.

About me

Born and raised in Leeds, I went to university in London where I studied French and Italian. I worked for a while in fishing tackle (yes, really), travelling the world organising fishing tackle trade exhibitions.

Then I fell in-love with my now-husband, quit my job and spent a year driving around Spain with him in a (hastily converted) Nissan Urvan.

We came back to London. I temped for a while and we went off on our travels again, to Central and South America. Six months of backpacking, which culminated in the trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos Islands.

Back to London. Decided to get serious and went back to uni to do an MA and then a PhD in Italian Renaissance Studies.

We moved to Cornwall (that’s a whole other story) and that was it for me. I didn’t want to leave this beautiful place to chase the academic dream. My hormones were screaming: HAVE BABIES at a pitch I couldn’t ignore. So we stayed. We got married. We had two beautiful kids. And, like many incomers to this gorgeous county, we had to adapt and find a way to make it work here.

We’re very lucky to have accidentally acquired the skills we now use in our work. Husband’s drop-out twenties diving around the world set him up to become a commercial diver down here. My years squirrelling away in archives and libraries, and the 100,000 words I had to write for my PhD set me up to become a copywriter/editor/researcher with a digital agency down here. Pure chance. But a happy one at that.

That’s an abbreviated (and edited) version of what happened. But it will do for now.


I hope you enjoy the blog and come visit often.

Laters alligators x