Back to school (sniff)

My lovelies went back to school this morning. Yes, it’s still August. Yes, that is really, really early. But that’s how things are.

Back to school

Mere minutes before the toothpaste incident

With a stoicism that would have impressed any Ancient Athenian, there was not one single tear and only the hint of lower-chin wobble (and that was from me). They’re probably saving it for Day 2. But let’s hope not.

As for me? Aren’t I over the moon to have my life back? Well not so much, really. I feel flat, deflated, and a bit sad that it’s over.

The holiday has, of course, been a very long one. And they have driven me absolutely MENTAL for a substantial proportion of it. I won’t miss running around like a demented waiter for two picky patrons who WON’T STOP EATING and always find fault with the food.

However. However.

This holiday has been one of the best. Yes, because I have been at home with them rather than stewing in a sweltering office like last year. But also because they are getting easier to parent year by year. Because they are still so bloody cute. And because every day they get funnier and funnier.

Here’s a bit of what we’ve been up to…

summer collage small 2

Such fun!


And this year, it’s been a holiday of firsts for the kids. First tooth lost. First real swim in the sea. First visit to the Natural History Museum. First attempt at breaking and entering…

Firsts Collage

Their firsts

All good, wholesome stuff. You know?

Hope your summer was as awesome as ours.






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