The big reveal: hallway heaven (ish)

Last month you saw the utter hell that was our hallway. I hope it made you feel good. I hope it showed you there is always someone whose house is a lot worse than yours. That someone was me.

Want a reminder? Here you go:

Hall Nightmare Collage

The horror that was once our hallway

Well this month, I am going to reveal, duh, duh, duh! our beautiful new hallway.

hallway revamp.jpg

Look! You can see the floor!

It’s amazing what can be achieved with a lick of paint, a few hours’ PMT-fuelled decluttering and an IKEA order.

Here’s the transformation from bomb site, through better-but-still-ugly, to heavenly:


It’s not just tidier. It now works for our family because WE CAN FIND STUFF.

Getting out of the house is no longer a major deal. The kids know where their shoes are and can find them all by themselves!! Genius.

shoes and hats.jpg

Shoes in the cabinet, hats in the cute boxes above

What’s more, they are amused enough by the way the shoe cabinet drawer thingy opens out to reveal their shoes, that they appear to ENJOY putting their shoes away!! Well, at least that’s the only reason I can think of for them doing so WITHOUT HAVING TO BE TOLD. I know. Amazing, huh?

This is the lovely contraption that has transformed our daily entrances and exits. I present and heartily recommend the IKEA STÄLL.

shoe cabinet

This beauty is super-skinny (29cm depth) so it makes the most of the measliest of hallways. But there’s still room on top to place some handy baskets.

Keys are no longer lost, thanks to my cute little yellow LIXHULT box. I love the sunshiney colour it gives to my hallway. I like the way it sits next to the grey of the PUDDA baskets. And how its hard industrial texture contrasts with the cosy, wooliness of the hat boxes.


Keys and hats now have homes

There’s still stuff to do (isn’t there always?) Like box in these ugly cables:


Ugly cables needing some attention

But I have plans for them.

What do you think? Much better huh? The next project will be our front door. It’s godawful and looks even worse now that we’ve sorted the hallway.

Laters alligators!


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