How to stop procrastinating and get on with the important thing you’re supposed to be doing

Procrastination is the enemy of happiness. Like an evil Henry hoover it sucks away at your time and gets itself jammed around every doorway in your soul.

It’s time to stop feeding the monster. Shut off its power supply and get on with the big-deal things that are going to make you truly happy.

Otherwise you’ll find yourself sitting under that old green fig tree, watching your dreams wrinkle and plop to the ground (plop! There goes another one) while you fanny about waiting for divine inspiration to strike or for someone else to help you make up your mind.

Here’s what I learned about pursuing your dreams from my current girl crush, Kristina Kuzmic, AKA Truth Bomb Mom.

“Unless you’re dead right now, you are not too old to start pursuing a new dream,”

Kristina Kuzmic

Pulse check? Good. Read on.

Write down the first step of your plan and just do it.

This technique is for the bigger deal things in life. For life-changing actions. It helped me to stop dithering, quit the job that was making me unhappy, and have the confidence to start in a new direction.

Here’s Kristina’s Pep Talk.

It’s insanely easy:

  1. Make the decision to start doing your own something big right now.
  2. Write down the first step of your plan.
  3. Then do it.
  4. Write down step two. And do that.
  5. Same with steps three, four, five, etc. You get the picture.
  6. Celebrate each step.
  7. Continue until you have achieved your goal.

Most importantly, be kind to yourself. Parent yourself. Encourage yourself:

“Go after your dreams with the same focus you want your son using when aiming for the toilet bowl.”

Kristina Kuzmic

Good luck!Photo by Rodion Kutsaev on Unsplash


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