You really have let yourself go

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Well here it is. The thing I’ve been ignoring for the last five sleep-deprived and utterly mental (good and bad) years of motherhood:

My house needs some serious love.

Home, you were beautiful when we bought you. You were a little less so by the time the owners had yanked all their pretty things off your walls.

You lost a little more of your shine as we started to discover the small (and big) bodge-jobs that we hadn’t spotted when we first came a-courting.

And now, five years on, having endured our kids, our cats, and yes (sniff), our neglect, I have to tell you my love, you really have let yourself go.


My poor, neglected homestead

But I promise you will be beautiful again. And this time you’re going to be our kind of beautiful. With more colour, pizzazz and cool than you’ve ever known.

Right then. Where to start?

I have found a cleaner who assures me she has mild OCD.

She starts next week and has promised to help me sort my house out.

In the meantime, I think a grand cull is in order.

I’m starting in the hallway as it’s where every journey to and from home takes place.

It’s like a tardis of chaos.

It’s ugly.

It’s also the scene of daily crisis as I scream (mostly silently inside, but sometimes out loud):

  • Where is your other shoe?
  • How can i have lost a book bag through the night? I had them both yesterday!!!
  • Why can i only find three gloves?
  • Why is there an apple core (!!!) in the shoe bucket?
  • I have to sort this OUT!

So I’m starting in the hallway. Today.

Want a sneaky peaky at the hell that is my life right now? Dare I even show you? Ugh, ok. It will fortify my will to clear up this unholy mess that is our current domestic environment.

Hold on tight. Are you sitting down? Here you go:

Hall Nightmare Collage

My little corner of hell

See. Told you. Horrible.

First things first – a grand cull. Too-small kids shoes bagged up for the charity shop; too-big hand-me-downs stored in the eaves; winter coats likewise. Here’s the result of a morning’s PMT-fuelled decluttering:

Tidied hallway Collage

Better. But still damn ugly

OK, so I’m going to put it out there that this time next month… (I was going to write ‘week’ but, let’s get real here – I look after two young kids and work, and when I’m not doing those things, I like to sleep or have fun, and not particularly in that order).

Where was I? Yes, this time next month, I’ll be showing you a whole new picture of said hallway. It’s going to knock your socks off. It’s going to be Elle Decor material. Pinterest-worthy. Instagram-bait. The lot. Telling you.

In the meantime, here’s what I’d like to achieve:

Dream hallway Collage

This kind of tidy (left) with this kind of palette (right)

Watch this space…

Image credits:
Tidy hallway: IKEA STÄLL
Beautiful colour palette: Plinio Il Giovane


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