Forget the she-shed, I’m hijacking the tree house

Treehouse front

Pretty, huh?

I don’t have a garden office – AKA ‘she-shed’ (yuk). But I wish I did.

Having researched, read and written about them for various clients, I know that I really, really NEED one. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Look at these beauties:

Garden office collage
Oh yes, THIS is what I’m talking about

Trouble is, there is NOWHERE in my garden for said garden office to live. Our outdoor space comprises:

Lawn, pitched at such a gradient that ball games/walking/sitting is nigh-on impossible

  1. Decking – a much-needed flat space where we can sit without tipping over and set up the paddling pool when it’s hot
  2. Enormous trampoline (absolute necessity with two energetic under-fives) dug into the sloping ground.
  3. Dilapidated garage – pretty shonky and anyway totally claimed by husband who uses it to house and tinker on motorbike, tools, fishing rods and other manly material culture.
  4. The treehouse.
Treehouse Collage

Here’s it is again.

Now, here’s the thing. The treehouse is lovely. It’s a cool, shady spot. It’s immersed in nature. Just LOOK how green everything is. It’s comfy – thanks to rather a lot of cutesy cushions bought with the kids in mind. But they don’t use it. Or very rarely.

So, I’m hijacking it. At least when they’re not around. 

I’ll tell you a secret. Last week, I even fell asleep in it! During the day! With the kids in the garden! Looking for me!

Before you call the authorities, my folks were round and Dad was looking after the kids in his wonderfully grandaddy way, so there was no neglect involved.

However, I will admit to ignoring a few MUUUUUM!”s that afternoon. And I thought to myself. Hmm, this is a lovely spot to just have a little lie-down in.

And 40 minutes later I awoke. Feeling a little guilty (sleeping on the job! In the treehouse!) but mightily refreshed.

We had a friend to stay last weekend and he disappeared for an hour. Where to? Why to the treehouse of course and yes, he’d had a little doze in there as well.

So I’m asking myself some important questions:

Can I work in there when it’s too nice to be inside?
Can I fit a desk into its Lilliputian dimensions?
Will the extension cable stretch that far?

And most importantly:

Will I be able to stay awake in there long enough to actually get some work done?

I’ll give it a go. It could just be the perfect solution to my lack of she-shed. For now at least.

But I won’t be telling the kids. 


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