Escape to Bristol – a weekend away by myself

I spent last weekend in Bristol by myself after weeks fantasizing about my escape. Escape from what? I’m not sure – Family life? Motherhood? Midlife? Myself? Probably all of those things.

What does midlife look like for a woman?

I’ve heard this song before. But this morning I REALLY heard the lyrics and they pinched the back of my neck. I had to google the track and read them for myself. Check I’d heard them right. Sharon Van Etten singing about everything I’ve been feeling.

You’re a superhero, you’re a goddess, you’re a mother

A pick-you-up, make-you-cry kind of story of motherhood to remind you how important you are.

My life in books: stories about the stories

A highlight reel of my reading life and the feelings and moments these special books inspire.

The power of thank you

A thank you can be a powerful thing, when you do it right.

Why I’m setting gentler goals this January

No resolutions for me. Just gentle, intentional preparation for the year to come.

How To Create A Happy Mother Daughter Relationship

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about motherhood recently, specifically around how to make sure my girl and I have a happy mother daughter…