The small things

When you look down, you see all the small things. And there’s comfort in feeling so much bigger than everything underneath your feet.

Is it time you wrote a new life story?

We all write our own life stories. We use stories to explain why we did things a certain way and to make sense of how we ended up living where we do, working at the job we’ve got, or falling in-love with the person we’re with. But are our stories helpful? And is it time you wrote some new ones?

Escape to Bristol – a weekend away by myself

I spent last weekend in Bristol by myself after weeks fantasizing about my escape. Escape from what? I’m not sure – Family life? Motherhood? Midlife? Myself? Probably all of those things.

What does midlife look like for a woman?

I’ve heard this song before. But this morning I REALLY heard the lyrics and they pinched the back of my neck. I had to google the track and read them for myself. Check I’d heard them right. Sharon Van Etten singing about everything I’ve been feeling.

You’re a superhero, you’re a goddess, you’re a mother

A pick-you-up, make-you-cry kind of story of motherhood to remind you how important you are.

My life in books: stories about the stories

A highlight reel of my reading life and the feelings and moments these special books inspire.

The power of thank you

A thank you can be a powerful thing, when you do it right.